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Timelock Film also represents the sci-fi thriller WARP which is produced by Penguin films and written by J. Pingo Lindstrom. WARP is a ”found footage”-film about a murder investigation where footage from the future is posted online. One sheet can be downloaded here!

In 2019 Tidal Wave Messaging Corp was launched. In 2012 we recieved the first messages. From the future! 

Found footage feature with a science-fiction ‘from the future’ twist, which also has a mystery thriller ‘clone worker’-subplot. 

When young Beatrice wakes up in a white cell, she has no recollection of any memory leading up to this event. She is interrogated by Dr Zaidra about a murder that Beatrice apparently committed. As we see the murder shown through surveillance footage, we understand that Beatrice was a clone, killing another clone.

The clones are hooked up in a huge system called the Tidal Wave System. This computer system uses the clones brains to get enough power to send messages – back in time!

When Beatrice got conscious, she understood that the system was used by the evil owners for economic gain. They had used the system to send back investment data to themselves – back in time – creating the worlds worst economic crisis that we today live in. As Beatrice explains this to Dr Zaidra, Zaidra teams up to crush the Tidal Wave System. But it is too late – the CEO of the company already knows what they are up to.

And we – we can only watch. Watch how the future plays out in front of us, from real apprehended surveillance footage, and videos posted online – from the future! 

There are three main characters in WARP.
- Beatriz – the clone whose brain is part of the Tidal Wave System, which makes the corporation create its back-in-time messaging system.
- Dr Zaidra, the scientist that once created the clone computer.
-The CEO of the Tidal Wave Corporation, that doesn’t believe that the clones are conscious. 

Title:               WARP (Working Title)
Status:              In development
Prod start:        2014
Completion:    2015
Genre:               Sci-fi | Thriller | Found footage
Budget:             $150 K
Length:              Expected 90 min
Language:        English
Director:           Tom Grejs
Writers:             J. Pingo Lindström
Producers:       Tomas Amlöv, J. Pingo Lindström
Casting:             Casting will begin in early 2014 

The movie is mainly targeted at the international VOD and ancillary markets, but aims at a small theatrical release. The core audience is the fans of the sci-fi and found footage-genre, but we strongly believe that it has potential to reach out to the wider fan base, of the thriller genre. Depending on what cast we manage to attach. 

Development:                      Jan 2013-Dec 2013
Financing/Casting:                2013– April 2014
Pre-production:                   Jan 2014-April 2014
Production:                       April 2014
Editing (off-line):               June-July, 2014
CGI/Visual Effects:               2013-2015
Sound design:                     Aug-Oct,  2014
Online/Mix:                       Nov 2014
Delivery/Completion:              January 2015 

We will begin targeting individual private investors in co-producer during summer of 2013. Then talks with selected sales agents and distributors will begin in late 2013. The goal is to have to have a signed agreement in place in early 2014 – and then begin pre-sales. Our main target will be boutique-sales agents focusing on low budget sci-fi/action and found-footage genre features. When we’ve signed with a sales agent, we will begin talks with local Swedish co-production funds who can issue a LOC valid for three months, which will be enough for us to secure the rest of the financing through pre-sales. The production can then get a green light Q2 of 2014.

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