Kevin “Kelvin” Brandt is an average teenager with average problems: in constant conflict with his parents, trouble with girls, and friendships that drift between loyalty and rivalry. But above all that, he has one main passion that occupies his mind – parkour!

Kelvin stays at his best friend Tommy’s place. But their friendship has been slightly awkward lately, as they are competing against each other in two separate arenas: Tommy also practices parkour. And Kelvin holds a secret crush on Tommy’s cute skateboarding girlfriend Linda as her relationship to Tommy isn’t as loving as it used to be Kelvin’s mother passed away a few years ago. Since then Kelvin and his father Robert have had continuous conflicts with each other.  Robert is a detective working on youth related crime, and he moves in the same neighborhoods as Kelvin and his friends, adding further fuel to that agitation between them. Funny… Not! Kelvin hates his father’s guts, and does everything to avoid him. When Robert is shot during a bust and ends up in a coma, Kelvin can no longer not care. He follows the trail of the shooter, which leads him into a world he knows better than any adult: the urban world of sub cultures and talent.
Kelvin discovers that his father was investigating an illegal gambling racket where kids with special talents just like his – skateboard, parkour, martial arts, bmx, inlines etc – compete in underground gladiator games.  But as there are big money prizes at stake, the playful competition quickly turns into a deadly battle as participants violently turn on each other in order to win. The name of the competition is SKILLZ.

Now, Kelvin has to participate in SKILLZ and use all his parkour talents to find a way into the organization, so that he can bust it from the inside. Aided by his friends’ – martial artist Monk, skateboarding Linda and Stretch the street dancer – they start to put their plan into effect. Soon they face the adrenaline fueled climax that not only forces Kelvin to stretch his parkour talents to the limit, but also question his moral boundaries – how far is he willing to go for friendship and family…?

Mainly targeted for revenue streams based on exploitation in the international TV-and ancillary market.

Young fans of parkour, skateboard and martial arts. 

An action oriented teen/drama film filled with skateboarding, parkour, street dance and martial arts. 

Kelvin is an average teenager with an extraordinary talent – parkour.  After his detective father is shot and becomes comatose during a case, Kelvin is forced to use his skills to find the shooter.The search forces him to question his moral boundaries: how far will he go for family and friends…? 

Status: Completed
Prod start: 2009
Completion: November 2010
Genre: Teen | action | drama
Budget: $1 Million
Length: Expected 90 min
Language: English
Director: Johannes Pinter
Writers: Johannes Pinter | Tomas Amlöv
Producers: Tomas Amlöv
Casting: Tim Man, Sean Banan, Marcus Gustafsson, My Magnusson

9107 Wilshire Blvd.,# 450, 90210 BEVERLY HILLS, USA
Phone: + 1 310 461 1941 

Timelock Film AB (Tomas Amlöv)
Resteröd Tälthagen 458, 459 94 Ljungskile, Sweden

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