OUTGROWTH, a supernatural action/adventure thriller about Nordic mythology researcher Edvin who fins old rune symbols that has been hidden for a thousand years. The symbols lead him in a direction where he is forced to fight the undead to expose the truth about a secret society that is in direct contact with the Nordic gods. Produced by Tomas Amlöv/Timelock Film. Written by J. Pingo Lindström. One sheet can be downloaded here!

  • Distribution and equity, co-production partners wanted.
  • Rights available for pre-sale.

The truth about the Nordic gods are about to be revealed.

When Edvin – a Nordic mythology researcher – finds rune symbols that have been hidden for a thousand years, he teams up with environmentalist Alice to expose their secrets.

Edvin doesn’t believe in the legends of the old Gods. He thinks there are natural explanations to the stories of Thor, Odin and Freja. But when Edvin and Alice are attacked by undead Vikings – called Draugs – he starts to believe.

Hidden within the old rune symbols lies a mysterious conspiracy. A secret society called The Lukasennes once used to be in direct contact with the mythological Gods. The group received a golden ring – the Draupner – as a gift from the Gods. With this ring they could feed their people – and hence, the Vikings grew strong and could conquer the world.

Draupner – told to be the ring of the God Odin – copies itself every nine weeks. This makes it a never ending source of pure gold. Today, the secret society still lives on, but in a corrupted state lead by evil industry tycoon Bertrand Cray.

As Edvin and Alice find out more and more of the secret society’s plans to once again take control of Draupner, and once again conquer the world, they fight against time to get to the ring first. But Cray has the God Loki on his side, which makes him very powerful. Will Edvin and Alice get the ring – or will the world forever fall into the hands of a madman?

Outgrowth is targeted to fans of the action and thriller genre that take an interest in Nordic Mythology and secret societies. 

A mix between psychological action oriented films like Bourne Identity and thrillers such as The DaVinci Code. This story focuses on the symbols from Nordic Mythology and is set in the beautiful surroundings of Scandinavia. 

The truth has been hidden in legends: The Nordic gods wasn’t just at myth. They have continued to rule earth through a secret society no one knew of – until now! 

Synopsis (first draft):          December, 2011
Revisions (Treatments):          2012-2013
Revisions (Script format):       2014
Financing ready script:          May 2014
Shooting script:                 January 2015

The concept was first drafted in a synopsis format by Tomas Amlöv. Jesper “pingo” Lindström was brought in as a writing partner to outline the story — and Lars Norberg as a story consultant and will also be assigned to write the final script. 

Title:           OUTGROWTH
Status:          Early development
Prod start:      2015
Completion:    2016
Genre:           Action/Adventure | Thriller | Supernatural
Budget:          $3 Million
Length:          Expected 110 min
Language:        English
Director:        Tomas Amlöv
Writers:         Tomas Amlöv, Pingo Lindström, Lars Norberg
Producers:       Tomas Amlöv
Casting:         Key casting begin in early 2014


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