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Mind control? There’s an app for that. 

A high concept fantasy adventure story for the entire family. A down to earth drama mix between high concept films such as “Click!” and family action adventures such as “Spy Kids”. 

A boy finds an App in his phone that gives him the power of mind control. However, it’s one thing to control what people think and do and quite another to control what they actually want!

He tweets, has two thousand friends on Facebook, and rules supreme in every online game play there is. In cyberspace, ANDY, 12, is awesome! His real life however, is the polar opposite. 

With all the time spent online there’s no time for homework. With poor grades he’s not allowed to enter the school district’s science fair, step one of becoming the next Bill Gates. Instead of studying, a young man of technological wizardry like Andy, uses a clever technical invention to cheat on a test. But he’s caught… 

Just as all the chips are down Andy’s dad, who’s a scientist, uses Andy’s cell phone for an experiment that goes haywire. It creates a mysterious app on his phone. An app that enables Andy to CONTROL PEOPLES MINDS. Suddenly Andy’s real life mimics his online persona. He’s the most popular person in school. All the teachers give him straight A’s, and his parents, no longer talk about getting divorced. Life is beautiful – 

– Until the next day, when Andy learns the hard truth that everything SNAPS BACK! He may be able to control people’s minds, but he can’t control free will and it overcompensates. His parents now hate each other, in school everyone despises Andy, and all the teachers change his grades back to C’s. 

Andy launches into a whirlwind of ever increasing difficult situations trying to control everyone’s lives and to fix whatever problems he caused. At the same time people’s free will resist his mind control app and his control over people slip away. At home, his dad is preparing to move out. 

Andy increases power to his app in an effort to make his dad stay, but instead it sends his dad into an inexplicable coma. 

Andy now has to figure out how to control free will, so he can make his father WANT to wake up before his condition becomes permanent. An app may not be the solution for this problem…

ANDY, 12, is our main character. He has a supreme online persona, but his real life is the polar opposite, with bad grades and the target for the schools bullies. 

PEARL, is Andys only true friend, support and conscience. She is the one that encourages him to stand up for himself. To take the right path and don’t abuse the powers the App gives him. 

ANDY’S DAD, is a brilliant scientist, but lacks proper equipment. He is the main source that puts the plot into motion when one of his experiments goes haywire – and creates the App in Andy’s phone. 

THE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL, is intrigued by Andy’s inventions. However, he is a shape shifter, who later steals Andy’s invention to a local tech company. 

App’d is a high concept family action adventure story, aimed for theatrical release – but with strong potential on ancillary markets. The core audience for this movie is families with children in the age of 6-12. But since it’s a high concept movie focusing on mobile app’s we think that it might appeal to people with similar interest.

Title:               APP’d
Status:              In development
Prod start:        2014
Completion:    2015
Genre:               Children/Family| Fantasy       Action/Adventure
Budget:             $4 Million
Length:              Expected 110 min
Language:        English
Director:           Tomas Amlöv
Writers:             Lars Norberg
Producers:       Tomas Amlöv
Casting:             Casting Agent will be attached and key casting begin in late 2013 

We are already in talks with selected sales agents and distributors since a while back, but the final decision of sales agent will be made in the during the financing process. We have targeted sales agents and distributors with experience of children/family-  and action/adventure films. The goal is to have to begin pre-sales in the last quarter of 2013. 

Our plan is to team up with an larger executive producing company in Sweden, as well as a co-producing sales agent. In order to finance the through some pre-sales and access to the Swedish co-production and equity funds (Timelock Film has previously been granted support from these funds, but regulations has changed since – and now require a more continues production base). In addition to this we will take advantage of the newly launched Swedish investment allowance share, in order to secure some private mezzanine financing. With enough Scandinavian equity the production also qualifies for a “soft loan” from Nordic Film and TV fund. We will also try and co-produce with industrial brands through a combination of equity and product placement.  This will then be complemented by back-end and deferred payment deals with cast, crew and suppliers – on order to secure the total financing of $4 million.

Synopsis:                     October, 2010
Development/Revisions:        2010-2011
Page one re-write:            April 2011
Revisions (Script format):    April-Aug, 2011
Revisions (Treatments):       Sept (-11)-March(-12)
Outline :                     April, 2013
Financing ready script:       May 2013
Shooting script:              January 2014

The concept was first drafted in a synopsis format by Johannes Pinter and Tomas Amlöv. Lars Norberg was then assigned as a writer and the script was first developed as a teen comedy. Later a page one re-write was performed to adapt the story into a children/family film. The script has since continued to undergo many re-writes and revision. A financing ready script will be available in May 2013. 

Development:                           Jan 2012-Dec 2013
Financing/Casting:                     May 2013– May 2014
Pre-production:                        Jan 2014-May 2014
Production:                            June 2014
Editing (off-line):                    July-Dec, 2014
CGI/Visual Effects:                    2013-2015
Sound design:                          Oct. – Dec.,  2015
Online/Mix:                            January 2015
Delivery/Completion:              February 2015 

Our vision is to produce in collaboration with a larger executive producing company in Sweden. Our focus will be development and post-production, while we will let the executive producing company assign an experienced line-producer that handles the actual production.

During development we will team up with a co-producing sales agent and assign a casting director to secure that key name cast has sufficient market value.When the project is ready for production we will step down, and work more on a consultant basis – to then become more active during post production, with main focus on editing and sound design.

TOMAS AMLÖV, CEO/Producer Timelock Film AB
Tomas Amlöv has been active in the film industry for 15 years. Starting out as and producer/editor of commercials and corporate videos, Tomas soon moved on to shorts and TV-dramas. His films have been granted financial support from Scandinavian broadcasters and distributors as well as international sales agents – and equity funds like Film i Väst, Nordisk Film and TV fund. He has also received grants from the Swedish Film Institute.

Tomas first feature film; Swedish action adventure, “Skills”, premiered at the American Film Market 2010. To date, “Skills” has been sold to 18 countries internationally (very good for a Swedish language film). Among other projects, Tomas has also produced the Swedish short “The Other Side”, that won the Swedish short film award in 2003 and was nominated for competition in Lucarno. Tomas started his career in the computer industry, where he founded several web production companies. In the late 1990’s, Tomas switched fields to the film industry. Today his production company Timelock Film AB is doing well with over eight projects in various states of development. Tomas also consults new indie producers regarding legal financing, distribution and legal. He also writes continues articles on pitching, film financ-ing, negotiating tactics, marketing strategies – and many other related topics for the Swedish site as well as American site

Tomas is skilled in digital art of filmmaking, educated at Colorado Mountain College and Swedish Gothenburg Film Academy, Drama Center, as well as the film production program at University West. He produced his first low budget feature film, “Coola Grabbar Är Dyra i Drift”, in 1995. After that he continued to produce low budget movies and study script development, movie production, law and economics along-side his education. He has been awarded several scholarships and trusted assignments, one of them the education scholarship from the Swedish Film institute.

Lars is an experienced writer residing in Southern California. He started out writing Swedish sitcoms in the late 1990’s, then became the Head of the Directing Program at The Swedish School of Television 1999-2000. After his feature film debute in Sweden 2001, he moved to the United States and has since worked as a professional Hollywood screenwriter on various projects. “Misfortune” (RKO Pictures), “The Next Soldier” (Di Bonaventura Pictures/Paramount), “Under Siege 3” (New Regency Entertainment), “Fire and Water” (Davis Entertainment/FOX), just to mention a few. 

Johannes directing debut was the dark thriller “Sleepwalker” in 2000,  which won several awards. The American remake rights were picked up by Academy Award winning producer Mark Johnson. As a writer, Johannes penned two versions (uncredited) for the American actioner “Pathfinder” directed by Marcus Nispel. His latest writing job was the adaptation of the Swedish bestselling novel “Odjuret” (“The Beast”) by authors Roslund and Hellstrom (“Box 21”). Pinter is also an editor, with several features under his belt from countries like Norway, Ireland, Bulgaria and of course Sweden. He is one of Scandinavia’s most renowned trailer producers.  

Kicki Rosvall is in charage of accounting together with the auditing firm Moore Stephens Ranby AB (Patrick Löwenadler). Legal is handled by Emil Ödling, DLA Nordic. Companies insurances are covered by Trygghansa and a good relationship with European Film bonds is established for completion bond, as well as collection agencies Freeway Entertainment and Fintage House (which one will be assigned to this project, will be decided later). We have a good relationship with Swedish bank SEB, who also is the bank of choice for producer Tomas Amlöv real estate business SA Förvaltning (a mid-size real estate company in Sweden).  Timelock Film AB has been in business since 1997 – and was incorporated in 2001.    

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