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They said hell was warm. They lied. 

A surrealistic industrial horror-story, completely based in sound, the audience follows the protagonist through the lens of his camera, with most creatures and entities being either invisible or hiding in the dark, the acting, sound and foley will tell the whole story, with minimal support from non-diegetic music and vision. 

“You don’t belong here.”

Those were the first words he heard after arriving. Stuck in a non-corporeal world in which he’s not welcome, in an environment where even the slightest misstep could lead to devastating consequences, he must strive to survive and find a way to escape with the sole help from a creature whom he cannot see, The Companion.

Being a living in a world of the dead and never alive, his arrival triggers a violent reaction, leading to a lethal cat-and-mouse-game through the terrible Dark World by a deity beyond any words, hell-bent on completely obliterating him. After narrowly surviving both creatures and environmental anomalities, he comes to a painful realization. 

The financing is based on own resources and deferment deals with cast and crew – and a crowd funding campaign we will run in late 2013. Talks with selected sales agents and distributors will begin in may 2013. Our main target will be boutique-sales agents focusing on low budget sci-fi/action and found-footage genre features. 

Fans of the industrial horror genre and as well as fans of surrealism. The movie is first and foremost intended for the international VOD, BD/DVD and other ancillary markets.  As it will not have any sync-sound at all, the concept is built to make it both easy to dub into other languages without having to match the speech.

Title:               A Broken Line
Status:              In production
Prod start:       2012
Completion:   2014
Genre:              Surreal Industrial Horror / Thriller
Budget:            No budget for now
Length:             Expected 90 min
Language:        English
Director:           Christian van Caine
Writer:              Christian van Caine
Producers:      Christian van Caine, Tomas Amlöv, Lisa Schröder
Casting:            TBA 

Development:             Oct 2012-Oct 2014
Financing/Casting:       Starts May 2013–
Pre-production:          Oct 2012-Dec 2012
Production/Editing:      Oct 2012-Oct 2014
Sound design:            Oct 2012-Oct 2014
Online/Mix:              January 2015
Delivery/Completion:     February 2015 

This movie does not follow standard procedures for the script, instead it is based in actual footage and temp-sound, making it possible to instantly get a feel of how the material will transfer into the project, and making the post production extremely short. 

Being recorded on an iPhone with Filmic Pro and a heavily modified halogen flashlight this gives a dark and very gritty picture in the first person perspective, that reveals as little as possible of the location. All sound on the other hand, including dialogue and foley, will be fully professionally produced in studio using a Lynx Studio-based Nuendo system, aiming for a soundtrack that is able to compete with other movies regardless of budget. Both the sound- and video-editing will interconnect during the entire production, and there will be no CGI of any kind. There will be added flares and full digital color correction, but all effects period will be created in the camera and editing due to both creative, artistic, and financial reasons.  

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